Conference and Workshop in Kazan, Tatarstan

Traditionally in February Tenso-M meets with its regional representative offices to  discuss the last year’s results and make plans for the next year. At the same time the company holds a conference for our potential customers and partners. This time the events took place in Kazan where our dealer — Techcenter Vesy — has been successfully operating for many years.

On February 14 representatives of more than 50 manufacturing companies from Tatarstan and neighboring regions gathered together at the SCALES 2019 research to practice conference at a unique hall of the Nogai hotel. The conference hall which recreates the room where the writers’ club of the great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay worked is considered a cultural monument.

A team of Tenso-M specialists who came to the city on the Volga river presented solutions for weighing motor trucks and  railway transport, batching bulk products offered by Tenso-M. The team explained to the conference participants when it is better to buy the AVION motor scales and when  VA-P or VA-D motor truck axle weighing systems will be enough. Lead specialists gave an overview of new trends in developments of weight measuring equipment and electronic instruments. In addition, they discussed pressing issues of measurement assurance for manufacturing of scales and load cells for heavy truck transport.

At the workshop for the company’s regional representative offices Tenso-M presented new Tenso-M weight batching products — POTOK hopper scales with a hopper capacity of 10 liters designed for reweighing plastic granules and the Hercules-M batcher for packing bulk products into soft big bags.

A software engineer presented new IT solutions by Tenso-M. He elaborated on practical issues of the scales maintenance and commissioning, structural features of prefabricated reinforced concrete foundations of motor truck scales.

After summing up the results of cooperation in 2018 Tenso-M gave awards and valuable prizes to its best regional representatives. Then the participants had a fascinating bus tour abound Kazan. They visited the historic center with the Old Tatar Quarter, legendary Kaban lake, famous Kazan Kremlin with such points of interest as Annunciation Cathedral, Kul Sharif Mosque and falling Suyumbike tower.

The well organized event has proved one more time that Tenso-M is actively developing and showing sustainable scales growth despite economic challenges caused by sanctions and unstable global situation.