Grown by One-Third!

Tenso-M team started their visit to Darmstadt (Germany) where HBM, a world leader in measurement equipment for mechanical quantities has been successfully operating for 68 years from from visiting the St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church. The church features the early Yaroslavl architectural style and was built at the expense of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II and the empress Alexandra (the princess Alix Hessen Darmstadt). It was build on the soil brought to Germany from Russia and collected from all Russian territories. After 1981 when the members of the royal family were declared new martyrs and Russian  confessors on the day of their death (the fourth of July 2017) pontifical service with czar’s prayer takes place in the church.

The key topic of the meeting between the partners was discussion of further cooperation on projects of force and weight measuring load cells, systems and their components. Meetings which have been taking place every autumn for 17 years already proved to be mutually enriching. As a rule, they take place in Kraskovo where the partners manage to not only discuss new solutions, but also have express tests for their metal prototypes. This year when a wider range of German participants was required the meeting was held in Germany where our specialists got acquainted with new technologies of applying load cells directly in the company’s production departments and training center.

The Germans were glad to hear that Tenso-M — one of their major partners — grew its turnover by one-third. The price of a new 2019 contract was eloquent evidence. HBM also does not rest on laurels. Our German partner gave us a presentation on coming merger between HBM and Bruel&Kjaer, a world leading manufacturer of measuring systems for noise, vibrations and pressure pulsation from Denmark. The new consortium with a staff number of around 3,000 people will be named НВК after the first letters of the names of all three founders, i.e. Karl Hottinger and two Danes.