New Foundation Type for Truck Scales

To ensure accurate and reliable operation of truck scales throughout their service life, they should have rigid reinforced concrete foundation. This is an ironclad rule! Normally, it takes up to 30 days to build a concrete foundation. As an option for those who are pressed for time, we designed a prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation which allows preparing a truck scales foundation in just 3 days.

This foundation includes a set of modules such as back supports, intermediate and side sections. The foundation can be used for installation of the AVION truck scales from 11 to 24 m long. It can be installed flush with road pavement or above the ground with ramps.

Prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation is useful in situations when truck scales need to be installed within a short period of time. It takes only 1-3 days to install the foundation set. Components of each reinforced concrete foundation are cast and acquire strength at the factory, thus no concrete work is required in the field, but only preparation of the site and assembling of the foundation. This allows installing the foundation in any season, even in cold weather.

Another important advantage of the prefabricated reinforced concrete foundation is that reinforced modules can be easily removed and transported to a new site together with scales, which may be useful in case of temporary installation or relocation of equipment.

Reinforced concrete components are fabricated from high quality concrete at the factory using proprietary methods. The concrete acquires its strength before it is shipped to the customer. The concrete quality is checked by a specialized laboratory. Every set of foundation delivered to the customer has a quality certificate for reinforcing bars used for strengthening reinforced concrete structures and a document of concrete mixture quality.

Prefabricated foundations are available for order. For details please contact our sales department at 8 800 5556530 or send us a request through our website