Not Gonna Get Us

To strengthen our relationship with the world renowned German company HBM, with which we have been fruitfully cooperating for many years, recently their top leaders have paid us a visit. This was their first visit to TENSO-M and the guests were surprised to see that in just 28 years we managed to build an innovative world class manufacturing company specializing in load cells, electronic scales and batchers as well as secondary instruments, application software and high-level weighing systems.

High workplace culture, highly qualified and motivated personnel, experienced engineering team and advanced equipment, including testing equipment and, more importantly,  reference force and weight setting systems as well as one and a half hundred own patents for inventions and utility models have made a favorable impression on our foreign colleagues.

At the meeting we discussed specific configurations and models of future weighing systems which will combine advanced European technologies and smart ideas of our engineers. The guests mentioned that the funny news titled “Top Secret” on the TENSO-M website drew a picture of future which is not very far away indeed.

We were lucky that on the day of the visit there were no football matches between teams from Austria, Great Britain, Germany or Russia in Moscow and at the world championship in general which might have made communication of engineers from these four countries more difficult. Of course, there was this traditional moment when the guests were sincerely amazed at the size of Russia while looking at the locations of our dealerships and key customers on the map. Incredible though it may seem, the territory of Russia is almost 25 times as large as the total area of Austria, Great Britain and Germany!

“Oh, Sport, You Are Peace”. In the context of the world football championship, today these words of Pierre de Coubertin should be changed to “Football, You Are Peace”. We definitely need peace for innovative and fruitful work, well being and happy life of people all over the world.