Scales-2018 Conference

On September 20 the annual research to practice conference “Measurement Capabilities of Weighing Equipment “Scales-2018” was held in Dagomys (Sochi). It was focused on the currently popular topic of weighing motor and railway transport in motion. The report made by the General Director of TENSO-M Senyansky M. V. “Practice and Issues of Automatic Weight and Dimension Measuring” which summarized many year experience of development and implementation of automatic weight control systems determined a high level of discussions which continued between conference participants long after the end of the conference section.

Today automatic measurement of axle loads and full weight of trucks is considered to be one of the most difficult measurements of weight parameters of moving vehicles because of very short (5…10 msec) measuring interval, effect of many physical interferences, high social responsibility of the results as well as no deep understanding of metrological nature of the measurements by the majority of stakeholders.

It was the first time in the long history of such conferences that the conference was opened by a representative of the Russian Ministry of Industry — the deputy director of the Department for National Policy on Technical Regulation Kuznetsov D.A. He reported on the strategy for ensuring uniform measurements until 2025. Another important report “International System of Measuring Units Based on Fundamental Physical Constants” was made by the deputy director for research of the All-Russia Metrology Research Institute Chekirda K. V.

On the third day of the conference a regular meeting of Technical Committee 310 “Weight Measuring Equipment” chaired by Senyansky M. V. was held. It was decided to request that the Russian Ministry of Industry should include development of a new GOST standard for automatic weight and dimension measuring stations into the 2019 standardization plan. The basic principles of the draft standard were presented to the conference participants by Nazarov V. N. “Challenges of Development of the National Standard for Automatic Weight and Dimension Systems”.

The conference also included annual autumn meeting of the Interregional Association of Weighing Equipment Manufacturers where, along with organizational issues, the members discussed and approved the design of a new website of the Association of the Russian scales manufacturers as well as criteria of assigning the Russian Product category and the Russian Manufacturer category. 12 out of 15 association members were present at the meeting.

As usual the Research to Practice Conference “Scales-2018” organized by the All-Russia Metrology Research Institute facilitated useful exchange of knowledge and opinions between industrial companies and Rosstandard organizations which are jointly developing weighing technologies and metrology science.