Scales Online

With growing demand for remote monitoring of weights from customers of weighing equipment, Tenso-M developed the SCALES online software used for ensuring remote access to weighing data. The software is a web-portal and also a plug-in to Statika-3.

Using this solution one can easily organize access to weight data via the company intranet or Internet. Users of the SCALES Online can see such information as vehicle number, time of arrival/ leaving, weight and type of load, photos of weighing or identification processes, register of weighing operations and analytics for a defined period of time.

To work with the web-portal, one can use any browser. Data can be viewed both from mobile devices or PC. Access to data and interface is restricted based on user privileges and protected using SSL encryption.

SCALES Online is available for order. For details please contact our sales consultants at 8 800 5556530 or send us a request through our website

Statika-3 is advanced software designed to ensure accounting of weight data received from  truck scales, platform scales or rail scales. The software supports a wide range of weighing systems from simple solutions based on platform scales to complex systems integrating rail or truck scales with automatic controls.