TENSO-M Is Recognized as a Systemic Company for the Lyubertsy District

On July 9, 2018 the Head of Lyubertsy Vladimir Ruzhitsky handed to the directors of three companies certificates confirming the systemic status of these companies for the Lyubertsy District. One of the companies was Tenso-M.

A company is recognized as a systemic company for the Lyubertsy district, if its annual turnover exceeds 200 million rubles. Such companies may receive land taxation benefits, municipal support and assistance with modernization of their production.

There are around 15,000 small and medium businesses currently operating in Lyubertsy. Tenso-M is a major manufacturing company and the most important taxpayer in the district.  Certificate of the systemic status shows fair recognition of our company’s contribution to the development of Lyubertsy. In addition to our company, there were two other companies i.e. Polet Confectionery and JSC Radar-2633 which were also granted with the systemic status.

The mission of Tenso-M is reviving the Russian industry and supplying companies with advanced weighing equipment of domestic manufacture. Many of our projects and stock-produced products have world-wide novelty and no counterparts abroad. This includes AVION weighbridges which are the first Russian full-size  truck scales  with certified measurement of  truck axle loads, SVK road weight-checking system designed to automatically detect and measure vehicles moving at 150 km/h and VA-P wireless portable truck scales and etc.