Everyone knows this from childhood, because in addition to 1.5 kilos of food and 2 liters of water consumed by us per day our lungs inhale thousands of liters of air! One day we understand that our performance, quality of products we make, health and mood of personnel directly depend on working conditions, including clean air, noise level, vibrations etc.

To improve the environment in departments nos. 2, 3 and 5, this year eights welding stations and a manual plasma cutting unit were equipped with ventilation filtering systems by Kemper (Germany). These filters effectively remove contaminants, smoke and dust produced during welding operations and metal plasma cutting from air. Clean air is returned to the departments. One can clearly see the result: the department air became less contaminated with gas with concentration of harmful substances reduced in a working zone. By the end of the year we will install one more system with a capacity of 9,000 m³/h in the second department to remove welding fumes from air at the next 7 welding stations.

In department no. 5 welders assembling steel structures of rail and motor truck scales wear individual welding helmets with forced clean air supply. The welders chose the brand of the helmets themselves based on results of three months comparative tests.

This year the Company spent around 4 million rubles on a set of measures to improve the quality of air and environment in its production departments and bring them in line with the European standards.

The expenses were high, but the Company cares about the health of its people.