We are happy to present our new Tenso-M Mobile Scales application designed for smart phones with Android operating system. This mobile application ensures quick and easy weighing of loads using any Tenso-M scales operating via Tenso-M protocol and connected to the company’s local network or provided with a Wi-Fi module. To do this, one will only need a wireless network connection. For example when connected to the STRIZH crane scales with a Wi-Fi module one will be able to weigh loads by clicking one button on a smartphone.

Tenso-M Mobile Scales application includes a log of weighing operations, directory of products and allows integration with external systems с внешними using JSON protocol which makes it very useful for remote weighing. Its ability to quickly change target scales helps to weigh even more products within less time.

When using this application together with the Statika 3 software you can easily upload weighing data into the application and print weighing reports.

Tenso-M Mobile Scales application is available free of charge at Google Play.